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UI/UX design services company adding context to the natural behavior of users that resonates with brand value.

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Great design starts by understanding the challenge. In this step we get to know you, learn about your story, your why, and your purpose for being in business. This is where we will find out who your ideal client is, what they struggle with, what they need, and how you can help them. Here we focus on learning your goals and what results you want to see not only from your website but from your business.

  • Discover the purpose of the product
  • Discover who the target audiences are
  • Discover what their expectations are.

2. Storyboarding

We'll also guide you in gathering, developing and refining your marketing copy (text) and visual elements. Phase One concludes when you have approved the sitemap and we have received all of the assembled copy, graphics, and photography for your website.

  • Define use cases
  • Build storyboards for each use case
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3. Sketching

  • Make pencil sketches of various screen defaults
  • Make pencil sketches of various screens under different scenarios

4. Wireframes

These blueprints reveal the envisioned structure of the entire product. It shows what goes where on a page real estate

  • Design without styling (colors/fonts/images infographics )
  • CTA placement strategy
  • Call outs for on click actions
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5. User Interface Design

Our design philosophy is to create interfaces that conform to what the user understands & reciprocate to each of his actions.

  • Actual Design output
  • Retina ready
  • Look good on all devices
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